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FAR Leadership Conference :
Leadership & Knowledge: Building for the Future

Session 3 Events
1:30 - 2:30 PM

Technology and Collaboration: A Virtuous Cycle
Presented by: Loretta DeLuca, Mike Guerrieri, & Jamie Notter
Room: Congressional C
Track: Technology

Almost every association project has a technology component. And, every project usually requires cross-functional collaboration between IT and at least one business unit be it membership, finance, marketing, or others.

If your association wants to leverage technology effectively, you first must make it easier for everyone to collaborate through an organizational culture that supports it. Technology supports collaboration, and collaboration supports association technology projects—it’s a virtuous cycle. Loretta DeLuca, Mike Guerrieri, and Jamie Notter will demonstrate the importance of collaboration and showcase technology tools that support it.

Leadership & You
Presented by Beth Berk & Julien Bois
Room: Meeting Room 16
Track: Leadership

Beth Berk and Julien Bois will lead an engaging, thought provoking and interactive conversation about leadership and how it plays out in the job market and impacts you. Seasoned professionals with more than 30 combined years in both recruiting as well and accounting and financial roles, they will share their knowledge of the job market, the importance of the “right fit,” and demonstrate how you can prepare and invest in yourself to remain relevant and marketable.

Banking Reform: Customer Due Diligence, Beneficial Ownership and Other Things That Impact CFOs

Presented by John Byrne
Room: Meeting Room 5
Track: Governance

On May 11th, US financial institutions will be required to collect information to identify and verify beneficial owners of “legal entity owners” and perform additional risk-based procedures such as monitoring and reporting of suspicious activity. These requirements are designed to respond to the many concerns regarding financial transparency that have plagued the financial community for many years and have been highlighted by investigative journalism in, for example, the Paradise Papers.

What do these requirements mean for those charged with these new compliance obligations and those that must provide the identifying information?

This session will cover the international and US response to transparency challenges, the operational elements of the new rule and entities covered (or excluded) by the requirements. In addition, participants will have opportunities to ask questions on such issues as:

What are the training challenges to staff and communication to the public:

  • The recently released FAQs on the rule by the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
  • Supervisory expectations
  • How to create an action plan for compliance
  • So-called “triggering events” for seeking information on beneficial ownership

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These sessions have all been reviewed and approved for CPE & CAE certification.

Customer Due Diligence, Beneficial Ownership and Other Things: Understanding This Major Change to US Anti-Money Laundering Obligations and Its Impact on the Business and NPO Communities

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