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FAR Leadership Conference :
Knowledge & Vision: Critical Issues to Navigate the Future

Session 1 Events
9:15 - 10:15 AM

The Future Workplace: Learn from Peers Who Made a Change
Presented by Christie MinchJennifer Morris

Track: HR

Many associations now employ four generations. There has been a major focus on how to create a work environment that enhances the ability to attract millennials; however, the question arises if that shift has created discourse for the other three generations. Whether an association is starting a teleworking policy, going all virtual, or evaluating open versus closed work plans, there is an effect on employee satisfaction, the organization’s culture and the fundamental cost of real estate which must be considered. Without thoroughly investigating each of these office trends, no one can fully know the benefits and detriments of their decisions. In this session, learn how a peer association executive created a vision for her organization by developing a plan to shift the work environment, made decisions on what will and will not work, shares how the plan was implemented, and discusses the effects on staff morale and productivity.

Communicating with Confidence
Presented by Liz Wainger

Track: Leadership

In a frenetically paced world where people are in a constant state of information overload, those who succeed are those who can communicate effectively and clearly. It’s not enough to have financial and administrative skills. How well you present yourself and your enterprise is essential to leadership, letting you connect with, convince and influence your donors, your members, your Board and your teams. Being an effective communicator is critical to navigating the future. In this lively and highly interactive session, Liz Wainger conveys critical skills that let you exude confidence, build audience trust, influence outcomes and promote action. Whether you are pitching a new idea, engaging with a donor, or leading a team meeting, this session will give each participant practical tools that you can put to work immediately. 

Forecasting a Foggy Future
Presented by Lisa Stover

Track: Finance

As we emerge from the longest federal shutdown in history, associations are facing unprecedented uncertainty. The association of 2019 and beyond faces an indeterminate political climate, escalating needs for advocacy, travel/immigration restrictions, increased regulatory pressures and other shifting macroeconomic factors that make financial outcomes harder to predict than ever. At the same time, the uncertain climate has generated increased governance focus on forecasts with a demand for even greater accuracy. This session will focus on real world techniques that associations can implement to develop nimble budgets, plan for times of uncertainty and enhance communication with those charged with governance.

Why Most Technology Initiatives Fail (and What to Do About It)
Presented by George Breeden, Keith LitrentaMarie Savoie, Erin Schechte
Track: Technology

Technology is an integral part of most organizations’ operations, however most association executives complain that their technology doesn’t adequately support the needs of the mission. They tend to fall down the trap of replacing one dysfunctional system with another, often finding themselves backsliding in effectiveness while losing the trust of their leadership and members. It can be hard to admit that it’s usually not only the technology or technology vendors that’s causing the results to be sub-optimal. The primary reason this happens is a misunderstanding about where the problems truly lie, or worse, an unwillingness or inability to address them effectively. At the core of the problem often lies a misalignment with the organization’s business needs, along with the appropriate level of non-technical staff engagement and commitment. Organizations need to address their needs as business-focused initiatives instead of “technology projects”, set measurable goals and objectives accordingly, and strictly manage to them throughout the initiative. Organizations that struggle the most are often the ones most likely to say they can’t afford to take that approach, when they are the ones that can’t afford not to do so. In this interactive session we’ll talk about why this happens, how to identify it in your own organization, and most importantly, how to break the cycle.

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These sessions will be reviewed for CPE & CAE certification.

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