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FAR Leadership Conference :
Knowledge & Vision: Critical Issues to Navigate the Future

Session 2 Events
10:30 - 11:30 AM

Infusing a Racial Equity Lens into Organizational Culture: Practical Ideas and Next Steps (No slides)
Presented by Cormekki Whitley, Nancy Withbroe, Kerrien Surriez, Keecha Harris, Andrew Plumley
Track: HR

One of the biggest issues facing nonprofit, as well as government and for-profit, business leaders to lead and create vision for their organizations is the lack of racial equity and inclusion. Our organizations are operating in environments that are more diverse and growing. As such leaders will need to attract the talent necessary to survive. This breakout session explores practical ideas and early steps to infuse a racial equity lens into the culture. This session will ask nonprofit and for-profit leaders the steps they have journeyed to change their organization’s culture, lessons learned and most importantly what led them to prioritizing race equity. Specifically, this panel discussion will discuss strategies for participants to transform their organizations to become more educated, more skilled in examining race, and placing race equity at the front of organizational and operational strategy. Achieving race equity, why does it matter? While many organizations pay lip service to the idea of equity and fairness, far too few actually take the practical steps needed to create an environment of real change. These practical steps include building core values of diversity, equity and inclusion in operations as well as modeling those values in the external work and organization mission.

Don't Stop at Vision: Leaders Must Lead Through Change
Presented by Katie Bergmann
Track: Leadership

This interactive workshop will introduce and help participants practice and apply two critical and related skills that leaders need to be successful in today’s environment: building shared vision and leading through change. Participants will be engaged through the use of facilitated discussions and we will also use structured PATHZ daily challenge activities to help participants practice and apply these leadership skill definitions.

Contracts & Taxes: What Could Be More Fun?
Presented by Sarah Mooney, Jim Wilson
Track: Finance

This presentation will share the presenters' knowledge with attendees on the common types of non-dues revenue arrangements that many nonprofit organizations enter into, including, but not limited to, fee for service, licensing, sponsorships, advertising, consulting, and how certain contract terms and conditions are important for tax and other reasons.

Gourmet Cybersecurity on a Fast-food Budget: Strategies Behind Choosing Cost-Effective Security Solutions
Presented by David Rossell
Track: Technology

The cybersecurity landscape is changing dramatically, and associations are in the crosshairs of a new type of attacker. The new data thieves use low-cost, high-payoff techniques to trick users into providing credentials or installing malware on your network. Associations are especially desirable targets as you often host large amounts of member or donor data and lack in-house security teams to combat the hackers. The good news is that if you take a strategic approach to your cybersecurity, you can thwart the majority of these attacks without expensive projects from security firms. In this presentation we'll discuss conducting a risk assessment and selecting low-cost techniques that will stop the vast majority of attacks. We'll work from real-world case studies and have plenty of time for questions about the specifics of your own organizations. During this session you will learn: how to conduct a basic cybersecurity risk assessment, how to match IT security products to your risk level, and how to gain the best value for a limited security investment.

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These sessions will be reviewed CPE & CAE certification.

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