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FAR Leadership Conference :
Knowledge & Vision: Critical Issues for Navigating the Future

Session 3 Events
1:30 - 2:30 PM

Men Retire to Mars and Women Retire to Venus: How Employers Can Help Reduce the Retirement Readiness Gap Between Men and Women
resented by: Craig Bush
Track: HR

Women face financial challenges beyond simply addressing the wage gap. Statistics show women are far too often less prepared for retirement than men – for reasons beyond earning disparity. During this discussion we will be able to address the unique needs of women in the workforce as they battle the obstacles that make it important to address these differences to best equip women to plan for a successful retirement. Organization play a unique role in their ability to control the plan provisions that can either promote retirement readiness or being too restrictive. The way in which educational tools are created and delivered also differ in successfully addressing the needs of women and plan sponsors benefit from understanding how to best communicate with their female workforce.

Stepping It Up: Achieve a Top-Notch Financial Operation
Presented by Charles Tate
Track: Leadership

This session will explore the characteristics, qualities, and leadership styles that make truly effective CFOs and will discuss what it takes to run a top-notch financial operation. During this session, we will review the common perceptions of the finance function by the CEO and Board, why this is the case, and what CFOs can do to change these perceptions and increase the value that finance provides to the organization. In addition, we will discuss a step-by-step framework that will help CFOs to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their finance functions. Throughout the presentation, the audience will be asked to share their own perspectives on the topics being discussed by responding to a series of live polling questions. Poll results will be displayed instantly and will be used to further shape the discussion.

Associations, Sales Tax, and the Wayfair Case (Panel Discussion)

Presented by Janine Mitchell, Wendy Galex
Track: Finance

On June 21, 2018, the Supreme Court issued a decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. et al. which has significant effects for sales tax compliance for all businesses, including associations. While the case centered around the issue of sales tax for online sales, the decision has far-reaching implications for associations with sales across state lines, online or otherwise, with or without a physical presence in those states. The decision changes long-standing precedents regarding what constitutes Nexus. States across the country are rapidly pursuing opportunities for additional tax revenues through sales tax as a result of the Wayfair decision. Not-for-profits must now manage an increasing compliance burden. The learning objectives are to successfully convey how the Wayfair case has drastically changed the determination of nexus for sales tax collection and reporting, and how it applies to the association industry, as well to address practical solutions for identifying filing requirements. In this session, attendees will become familiar with the case and the new landscape for determining Nexus, including the concept of economic nexus. Attendees will also learn what states are doing in response to the Wayfair decision and how this will affect associations. Associations must take a look at their types of sales and potential taxability of those products and services. Learn the steps necessary to identify, address, and successfully navigate the challenges faced by associations on this issue, as well as understand the accounting and financial reporting effects. It is a period of rapid change-not only for not-for-profits, but also for states. As states see potential revenues to be gained, not-for-profits cannot be caught by surprise.

Missteps on the Journey to IT Maturity
Presented by Mike Guerreri, Dan Lautman
Track: Technology

Over the last several years of performing IT maturity assessments for our clients, we have identified the most common shortcomings that impede progress towards IT maturity and digital transformation for organizations. These findings span the four technology domains: infrastructure, data, and digital presence, and overall technology governance and strategy. We will share the top 5 findings in each domain and recommended action steps you can take to address them if they apply to your organization. While some of the recommendations are technical, most require buy-in and support from executive leadership. We hope improving understanding about how these improvements could make your association more effective will help you provide the leadership and support to make them happen.

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