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FAR Leadership Conference :
Knowledge & Vision: Critical Issues for Navigating the Future

Session 4 Events
3:00 - 4:00 PM

Money & People: Crossroads of Finance and Human Resources (No slides)
Panel: Jennifer Bell, Lea Diamond, Becky Emery, Ana Molina Moderated by: Paul Phelan 
Track: HR

From my work with nonprofits, I often play a mediation/translation role with CFOs and CHROs. A fact is that they speak different languages, often have different personalities, and their departments sometimes have different goals. Other consultants I work with: Real Estate Professionals, Payroll Providers, and others are often caught in this little whirlpool between Finance and HR. The session's panel of CHROs and CFOs will respond to questions regarding how they handle communication in their office with the biggest focus being on learning to understand each other. HR as a trend is doing all it can to report to an Executive Director and CFOs are often trying to move items like Benefits and Insurance out of their office while retaining all control over cost. This being the case, both sides need to learn a little about what makes the other side tick and this session can offer participants a chance to get insight to strategies that have worked for others.

Becoming the Next Generation CFO (Panel Discussion)
Panel: Mark Hornby, David Jackson, Jessica Sherry Moderator: Jason Daisey
Track: Leadership

Do you aspire to be the CFO of a non-profit, but not sure how to get there? Join our interactive discussion with three panelists that took different routes into becoming CFO’s by the age of 35. Hear their stories on how they gained experience and built their resumes to not only make them a viable candidate for this role, but successful leaders once they obtained it. This session will allow attendees to learn about the journey that three young CFOs took to reach their current role, but addressing topics such as: What steps did the panelists take that they felt worked best? What steps did the panelists take that they felt did not work well? What would they have done differently? What areas of knowledge did they lack at first and how did they go about obtaining that knowledge? 

Telling Your Best Story: Advancing Your Organization Through Form 990
Presented by John Huskins
Track: Finance

Tax reform brought many changes to the exempt organization sector. Now, more than a year and multiple IRS Notice’s later many organizations are about to file their first tax returns under these new rules. This session will advance the knowledge of the attendee by providing an overview of the major tax changes effecting exempt organizations and will discuss best practices for preparation and filing of the effected returns.

Enterprise Risk Management for Nonprofits and Associations: Where Strategy Meets Risk (Panel Discussion)
Presented by Melissa Musser, Ricardo Trujillo, Derek Symer

Track: Technology

This session is focused the fundamental elements of effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and emerging risk for 2020. Our speakers will provide an overview of enterprise risk management from the angle of merging the financial, operational, IT and insurance risk management functions. Rather than treating risk in silos, we support the notion of integrating enterprise risk management in a holistic manner that brings disparate viewpoints to the table to affect the most comprehensive risk management for the benefit of the organization. With increasing demands on executives’ time and bandwidth, the approach offered in this session will promote a streamlined enterprise risk management philosophy. With organizational risk addressed, empowered leaders are equipped to focus on mission and impact, and establish more far-reaching goals for the years to come. This session will feature an in-depth case study to help nonprofit and association executives understand the process of implementing an effective ERM strategy and the potential benefits.

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These sessions will be reviewed for CPE & CAE certification.

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